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Romantic Bathroom

Romantic Bathroom  
Room: Bathroom
Colours: White;
Style: Luxurious;
Budget: Low
Programme: Housecall
Designer: Gordon Whistance;
Feature: Classical bath panels
Abolish those images of tidemarks and soggy towels strewn across the floor, bathrooms are self-indulgent and peaceful pampering places.

A lavishly romantic bathroom can be full of contemporary English country luxury without the grand-sized room and rural residency price tag.

Brick effect paint
Wall effect
Create a stone effect on the walls using paint. Mask off squares and paint the centre with a marbled affect. Peal away the tape and soften the edges of the joins.
The floor
The floor
Strip the floorboards and satin or paint the floorboards a deep rich brown. This will contrast nicely with the light colours in the rest of the room.
Add a contemporary feel to modern shelving by adding a beaded edge. Cover with beautiful objects such as pebbles, picture frames and books.
The bath
The bath
Update the bath by simply adding classic bath panels to the side of the unit. Choose classic luxurious bath products to emphasise the look.
The windows
Opt for whites, creams and beiges when choosing bath mats and towels. At the window drape long luxurious cream curtains.
Mahogany look furniture
If you have the space, position other furniture in the room to give it a more homely feel. Any wood used in the bathroom should have the mahogany-look.
The room
Finishing touches
Dress the room with beautiful objects, candles and bright green trailing plants such as ivy.

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