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Japanese Dining Room

Room: Dining Room
Colours: Red; White;
Style: Global; Modern;
Budget: Medium
Programme: DIY SOS
Designer: Brigid Calderhead;
Feature: Paper shutters

Put together a design that incorporates red, black and cream to create a room with Japanese influence. Minimal accessories, straight lines and a fish tank create a stylish Oriental themed dining room.

The walls
The walls
Paint the walls red to show off the paper shutters and all the finishing details. Red acts as a good contrast against the black of the shutters and the dining table.
Fish tank
Fish tank
Insert a fish tank in a hole in a dividing wall. Build a timber frame to house the tropical fish tank and fill the tank with a shoal of tiger barbs, some bamboo and other accessories. Seek advice before installing a tank in your home.
The breakfast room
Breakfast room
Keep the breakfast bar area crisp and bright by using white paint on the walls and white floor tiles. Put a vase of freshly cut flowers in the window to bring all the white alive.
The decking area
Bring the interior out
Extend into the garden by adding patio doors and building a decking area outside to capture the summer sun.
A cluster of lights
Lighting effects
Hang a cluster of paper ball lanterns in a corner of a room to enhance the oriental feel and create a beautiful soft lighting effect for meal times.
Japanese shutters
Make some paper shutters
Make shutters by painting fretwork frames with primer and then black gloss paint. Once dried stick large sheets of white paper onto the back of the shutters. Paint the dining room table and chairs black to complement the shutters.
Sea grass carpet
Fit sea grass carpet in the room for a natural feel.
Book case
Keep the room minimal with a few accessories such as small bookcases mounted on the walls used to display a number of choice ornaments. Paint the bookcase the same colour as the walls.
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