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A window brings a room alive. It is a valuable light source and the view can be the ultimate piece of art.

Here are some do's and don'ts to make the most of your windows:

  • Don't block the light from a window, particularly if the room is dark.
  • Do maximise light in-take by using longer curtain poles, so fully open drapes are not partially obscuring the window. Consider blinds for similar reasons. Paint window sills in bright colours to reflect light.
  • Placing something outside a window to draw the eye creates a feeling of space within the room.
  • Don't place furniture in front of full-length windows - it is likely to have been installed to maximise the light or view, so maintain that advantage.
  • Don't obscure good views or light by cluttering window sills.
  • Do place a mirror on the wall opposite a window. This reflects light back into the room and carries a second view.
  • Don't draw attention to a poor view. Closing curtains or placing a large ornament on a window sill is likely to highlight a poor view. Angled blinds, stained glass or colour treatment on the glass will obscure a view without blocking light.
  • Do open windows where possible. Fresh air circulation and unobtrusive sounds from the outside world improve the ventilation and mood in a room.

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