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Whether it is a master bedroom or a guest room that doubles as a study, the key principles of bedroom design should always apply. By following the hints and tips below, a bedroom can be made to look more spacious and stylish.

The room plan

Creating a room plan can help you decide where to place your bedroom furniture. Placing the bed is the main hurdle when planning the layout for a bedroom and a number of issues will influence the choice of spot:

  • Access - a double bed may require access for two occupants, so it shouldn't be placed in a corner. Bunk beds need clearance space for safety and access to the upper bunk.
  • Power points/TV aerials/phone sockets - socket availability may dictate where bedside tables, a dressing table or a TV unit are placed.
  • Door - personal taste or feng shui may influence where the bed is placed in relation to the door.
  • Storage units - bear in mind that the bed should not be placed within the arc of opening wardrobe doors or drawers.

Dressing the bed is as important as placing the furniture. Linen doesn't have to slavishly match other fabrics in the room, but attention to colour and textures will help give the room a sense of style. Layering the bed with folded throws and scatter cushions creates a cosy and welcoming environment when not in use.

Furniture myths and musts

The bedroom has the longest list of supposed "must-have" furniture of any room in the house, but a crowded room looks untidy and is difficult to relax in. Consider these options:

  • Do all your clothes have to be stored in the bedroom? Clothes that are worn less frequently could be stored elsewhere, reducing the need for wardrobes.
  • Is a bedside cabinet needed or will a shelf do?
  • Must a computer work station be kept in the bedroom? Some sleep therapists suggest even the presence of a computer in bedroom can lead to disturbed nights.
  • Is a dressing table required if a bathroom vanity unit exists?

Good lighting and flooring are vital in a bedroom to create atmosphere and add to comfort and convenience. Take a look at the tips in the Lighting and Flooring sections.

Introduction to Space