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Wood Floor KnowHow

Wood flooring has a long history beginning with the rustic floors of pioneer log cabins to today??s designer styles and use of exotic woods, inlays and patterns. Whether you are considering the installation of wood floors or already enjoy the warmth and beauty of wood floors in your Atlanta home, use this helpful information to protect your valuable investment and keep those floors looking great.

Simple to Sophisticated
Wood floors come in a wide variety of colors, styles and types ranging from soft woods like pine to complex wood inlays created from exotic woods. To properly care for your wood floor it is important to understand the type of wood used including the level of hardness. Remember, the softer the wood the easier it is to scratch or form ??impressions? due to heavy weight , dragging furniture or other impact situations.

In general, all wood floors require the following as a minimum standard precaution:

? A quick sweep or vacuuming. Always use a soft dust mop type broom or protective bristle attachment.

? Dry mop. Never use a wet mop. Water can dull the shine of your wood floors.

? Door mats. Purchase a few good door mats to place at the entrance of your Atlanta home to help eliminate grit and dirt that can scratch wood floors

Special Situations.

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