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Choosing the Right Beach Chairs

The most enjoyable leisure activity for many is to lie on the beach and relax, enjoying the sun along with the soothing sound of the waves. Beach chairs add comfort to those relaxing on the beach, as the chairs are a little elevated over the sand so that the swimsuit is not damaged by the sand sticking to it. Several varieties of beach chairs are available.

The vacationer can choose the one that is best for him/her. Beach chairs can be bought from any store selling beach equipment normally seen on the beach or even from department stores. These chairs can also be rented from hotels or beach resorts.

Beach chairs are available in many designs. One well-known design is the folding chair, which is usually metal framed. This chair is more or less like a lawn chair covered with a nylon fabric but is seated comparatively lower than the lawn chair. Many types of beach chairs have a pocket to hold a good book and a water bottle.

These beach chairs can be easily carried by holding the strap attached to the arms of the chair. Another type of beach chair is made of wood or metal with a cotton sturdy duck cloth, which can be easily folded and carried. This cloth forms the seat and back of the chair. Some hotels have their chairs molded in plastic as these beach chairs will be weather-resistant. Better hotels usually offer traditional chairs made of wood with cushions for better comfort. Although these chairs are comfortable they must be replaced very often as they are made of wood and may be damaged due to moisture.

There are other types of folding beach chairs with footrests and headrests for better comfort. There are also more upscale models of beach chairs for two people with a folding umbrella between the chairs. The cost of these chairs varies depending on how many additions are requested as well as what quality level is necessary. When buying a beach chair, it is important to ensure that the chair will be both comfortable and long lasting. The chair must be easily portable. Carrying the chair to the car, transporting it to the beach, unloading it from the car and carrying the chair to the ideal spot must be done easily.

The best choice is to have beach chairs with hollow supports and carrying straps. Another thing to be considered is the materials used. While canvas seats often collect water and sand, plastic seats heat up in sunlight which can become uncomfortable. On the other hand, the canvas seats are comfortable and sturdy, the polyester brands will not collect sand or water and the plastic slats will not absorb water and can easily be cleaned. Extra care should be taken in selecting the material for the beach chairs. Although sitting and relaxing leisurely on the beach is a pleasure and beach chairs provide the level of comfort necessary to relax, it is necessary to ensure that the beach chairs bought will last for several outings.

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