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Window Treatments Custom vs ReadyMade Who Wins

Variety of styles: I remember going to a 'big-box' retailer near me, before I got into this business, in search of a topper for my living room window. At first the choices seemed abundant and I was excited. My excitement, however, quickly faded as my search got more specific. It turned out that although there were 20 different colors to choose from, my color wasn't available at all; there were only 5 styles of valances (actually they were mostly gathered anyway); there wasn't anything big enough for my window, so I would have had to buy multiples to even make it work. I was disappointed. Of course, with custom valances (or any window treatments) the styles are only limited by our imagination: what we can envision in our mind, we can create in fabric.

Your choice of fabric: If styles come in a large variety, fabrics are even more abundant. And there are such gorgeous fabrics out there - it's amazing the creativity and originality of some of them. Unfortunately, ready-made treatments only come in a very limited number of fabric options. Also, it is very important to pick your fabrics in the space that you're treating, because your lighting and other furnishings cast different shadows and make your fabric look completely different in other environments (i.e.

retail store). So even though a certain fabric may have looked promising in the store, it may change when you bring it home. Budget: Of course, purchasing pre-fabricated window treatments are much lighter on the pocket book. And budget IS a big and important consideration.

I can easily come up with 10 different reasons why money invested in custom window treatments is well worth it in the long run, but I won't . In the end, one has to be comfortable with the investment; if that comfort level doesn't exist, then custom work is not the right choice. Perfect Fit: By the very nature of the word, 'custom' work is designed to fit just right.

The window treatments are made specifically for your window's width, length, projection, and obstructions. Think to yourself - How important is it for me, my personality, my life-style? Stree-free installation: This may seem like an insignificant point, but it's actually very important. I often say to my clients that we can choose the most perfect style, find the most perfect fabric, and fabricate the treatment flawlessly, but if it's not installed properly, it's all in vain. With custom work, you don't have to worry about what kind of brackets to get, how far the treatment will project, what happens if you can't find the stud, and many many other challenges that will come up. Ability to coordinate with the room: Window treatments are part of the overall window décor.

That fabric that you fell in love with, can be used in other areas of the room - for example bedding, pillows, benches, and upholstery. Using the same fabrics on different elements in the room is what makes the room look pulled together (one of the biggest challenges people usually have when decorating). Timing: Custom window treatments take time to make. The leadtimes range from about 3 weeks for blinds and shades, to 6-8 weeks for curtains and valances. There is definitely a certain sense of immediate gratification when you can just go into the store and pick something up.

If you need your window treatments immediately, ready-made is most likely the way for you. Challenging windows: These include two-story windows, sliding glass doors and odd-shape windows. Some of these simply can only be treated if done custom because they are just not available in the ready-made market. So you see, there is no winner or looser here. What's right for you depends on your personality, your goals for the room, your budget, type of window, and timing.

Vita Vygovska, Owner of V2K Window Décor and More, a full-service custom window treatment company, will transform your ordinary window to extraordinary with professionalism from beginning to end. To set an appointment or receive your free Special Report: Top 10 Know How's on Custom Window Treatments plus the 'Curtain Call' ezine, visit http://www.vitav2k.com .

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