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Storage Shed

There is nothing uglier than a storage shed in a yard. These tin or wooden boxes become the focal point of the yard. Sometimes storage sheds are randomly placed, in the driveway, on a side yard, or in the backyard. And the older they get the uglier they get. A tin storage contracts rust as it ages. A wooden storage shed turns grey with age like a hunched over old man with a cane.

Besides their repulsive appearance, a tin storage shed is noisy. Have you ever heard a neighbor open one up? It sounds like a bad car accident without glass shattering. The doors creek and the metal echoes pop noises as it bends. The inside of these shed is unbearable too. I have not seen a storage shed that was well organized.

Tools are randomly scattered about; power tools are hard to find; bikes are piled on top of one another. Getting the lawnmower out is always a chore. First you have to remove the snow blower, then take out the bicycles, but not before you get the hedge trimmer out of the way. So why do people buy the obnoxious storage devices for their yard? They have too much stuff. Usually, a storage shed is installed to store outdoor tools, such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, rakes, shovels, tractors, riding mowers, and bicycles.

Storage shed people either do not have a garage or the garage is full. Storage shed people lack storage space in the basement for their outdoor equipment. These desperate people make a rash decision to buy a storage shed; they don't review other options.

The better solution is to rent a storage unit. Storage units have more size options. You can rent a unit as small as a 5 by 5 and as big as 10 by 30. Don't worry about how big of a storage unit you need because it won't stand out on your property. You can store lawn tools seasonally.

Keep the snow blower, snow shovels, salt bags, and sandbags in the storage unit during the summer; keep the lawnmower, rider mower, rakes, and bicycles in the storage unit in the winter. A storage unit has climate control options, unlike a storage shed. Climate control will enhance the life of your lawn equipment.

All lawn equipment is subject to rust and climate control units will prevent rust from expanding. If you were considering a storage shed, hopefully you did not buy one, because storage unit is the better choice. Call your local convenient location and schedule a guided tour with the property manager and see the benefits for yourself.

Storage units are safe and secure; where as, storage sheds are vulnerable and ugly. Storage units have video surveillance. Unless you put up a video camera in your yard, storage sheds are unwatched. Storage units are well taken care of by a property management team. Storage sheds deteriorate as soon as you bring them home.

Neighbors hate looking at storage sheds and you will too if you set one up next to the kids' swing set.

Storage Shed or visit our Self Storage Locator

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