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Know The Correct Names For Your Blinds

Many consumers wish to seem informed before they go to make a major purchase. Learning about a computer to avoid being "slicked" by a clever salesperson is one such example. The same applies for home furnishings, particularly window treatments and blinds. To enter a store and have a smart cracking salesperson find out that you know nothing about blinds, well- this is a potential nightmare. Imagine that you are only willing to spend a basic sum on your blinds, and the salesperson steers you to another model, using your ignorance of window treatments against you. We have heard of occasions where a client enters a blinds store looking to buy elegant and expensive treatments, and an unsophisticated sales person, afraid of losing a sale for price, greets the customer and promptly promotes low cost generic blinds.

Other times, a sales person may lose a sale, and leave a frustrated client, when the sales person pushes blinds that are outside the financial reach of the customer. Using the information found here, a customer may be properly educated and satisfied in a search for blinds. To understand what you want to buy, let's discuss the names for the blinds. Look at them, and you will often know what they are. If you learn the names, which might be difficult to learn at first, you will start with a blinds buying advantage.

In this article we will describe what they are, and in others, we have spoken, and will continue to describe how to use the blinds for your best suit. Blinds with slats that are oriented horizontally are called horizontal blinds. Depending on the type of material, horizontal blinds will have names related to what materials are used to make them.

For example, a blinds made from wood are called wood blinds. Blinds made from metal are a bit different, lately are called venetian blinds. The horizontals that are smaller are called mini blinds. Get it? They are smaller kinds of blinds. Often these blinds are called metal blinds, or, perhaps, aluminum blinds. Blinds made from artificial, PVC, or foam, materials, are often called Faux blinds, which is from the French for "fake.

" Flat and thin, or curved and thin blinds are usually called PVC blinds, which is a low cost version of all the others. Vertical blinds are those that have the material running up and down, or hanging (vertically) from a track. Vertical blinds can be made from fabric- so they get the name fabric vertical blinds. Others made be made from aluminum, and these are called aluminum vertical blinds.

Aluminum vertical blinds are not sold often anymore, but they are still out there. Then, there is plastic, again using PVC, to make PVC vertical blinds. Those made from PVC used to be the least expensive type, but recent changes have meant that only entry level PVC vertical blinds are the lowest prices. Then, one can consider what is a mini blind, or for that matter, what is a micro blind? These are made from aluminum, and they are smaller than the traditional Venetians. How much smaller you might ask? Well, if Venetians (and wood or faux wood blinds) are 2 inches deep, then the mini blinds are 1 inch deep. Micro blinds are even smaller at half of an inch deep.

The prior listed products are the most common and basic general blinds that are in the market. However, considering that in our market there re many kinds of windows, there need to be many more kinds of blinds. Some specialty blinds that you may come across are skylight, motorized and between the panes. We will discuss these types of blinds as it may help you.

When one has a window in the ceiling, the lighting effect can be great and beautiful. However, often these windows can let in too much light For these windows, a skylight blind may serve the trick. Not just any blind can fit in a ceiling window, and they will need to function at an installed angle. Often mini blinds are a good alternative, because they can be wire guided for skylights. When a level of automation is required, blinds that can be controlled with a remote control are called motorized blinds. Other names within this are home automation systems, remote controls, receiver, and of course, the type of blinds.

With double paned windows, you have the advantage of better insulation for sound as well as temperature. However, you do not have an advantage of better light insulation. Quality made windows have the opportunity for blinds that take advantage. These are called between the panes treatments.

These require controls from outside. The between the panes blinds usually do not have complete control, but they work well enough to be a product of choice. Learning about the different types of blinds will help you get more of what you want. Aside from the basics of the products, learn how to call each blind that you want. This will help to avoid confusion. It the store, salesperson, or website you find does not know the correct terms, consider that they may not be the place for you.

Judith Persit is an qualified interior decorator with a focus on window coverings. Judith writes about wood blinds. Learn more regarding blinds at her website.

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