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How to Maximize the Use of Planters

A planter is a container used for growing plants. Planters can be simple and practical or elaborate and ornate. They come in many different shapes, designs and are made of many different materials. They can be found on the ground on patios, housing miniature trees or hanging above a porch filled with a cascade of beautiful flowers. There are many different planters available in the market place today in many different styles and designs. Some planters are made of clay, plastic porcelain and metal.

Some planters are suitable for indoor use, and some planters are suitable for outdoor use. Planters for Outdoor Use There are almost as many planters are there are uses. Planters can be used outdoors in a variety of places; in the garden, on the porch, on the deck and anywhere a plant can grow. When buying a planter for outdoor use, look for one that can withstand the weather elements and one that matches your gardening style (formal, casual, and cottage). Planters, raised beds, and containers make a useful gardening tool for individuals with disabilities. Planters are also useful for gardening if you have a small back yard or live in an apartment and just limited garden space.

Advantages of using planters There are many advantages of using planters especially for people with disabilities. A planter can be located anywhere. On a small porch, in a lighted window sill, or a back corner of a yard or wherever there is easy accessibility.

? The ability to put ones attention in a small focused area allows the individual not to have to move around a lot. To some people a big garden can be overwhelming. ? The planter can be placed at a height where it is easily accessible without having to bend over like normal gardening. ? You can build either temporary or permanent planters.

Planters can be moved according to the kind of light your plants need. ? Planters can be filled with the perfect soil blend instead of having to amend you entire garden. ? You can extend you growing season using planters. They can be brought indoors or covered and protected against the changing weather. Making a simple decorative planter Planters that have a weathered look blend better in your garden space. This can be achieved by doing a simple craft.

Start by taking your planters and applying a basecoat of yellow oxide. Paint the container both on the inside and on the outside and letting it dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat of the yellow oxide on your planter. Take some washed sand and mix it with the yellow oxide. Paint the yellow sand mixture onto the planter. Using a sponge dab the surface of the planter and remove marks left by brushes.

Before the paint dries, sprinkle some more sand onto the planter surface and press the sand onto the planter's surface. Take some diluted titanium white paint and use this whitewash to create a patchy effect on the planters. Repeat the sand and yellow paint layer again. Let the planters paint dry.

When you are finished you can apply matt acrylic vanish to the surface of the planters to seal the paint. Let the planter dry completely before use.

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