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First Step MAC Prep Prime Makeup

Certified proof that the people over at MAC are geniuses is the Prep + Prime line of skin, face, lip and eye primers, conditioning creams that go on your face after you wash and pat it dry and before you ply on your foundation, powders, eye shadow, lipstick and other products for prettification. What it's for? Protection of course; it keeps your skin constantly moisturized throughout the day, while your face goes full force on color and glam! Primer for Your Face and Lips MAC primer is not make up, it's a conditioning moisturizer that you wear under make up to further protect and nurture your skin, as well as to smoothen out your skin and lips, ready for application of make up. MAC has Prep + Prime Lip for longer lasting lip color, extending the already extensive durability of MAC lippies, something we just never thought possible! MAC makes two products for your face: Prep + Prime Skin and Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50.

Prep + Prime Skin is a lotion that offers both moisturizing effects and oil control, while Face Protect SPF 50 is an amazingly light oil-free cream that has oil-absorbing ingredients to prevent oil from appearing on your face throughout the day, as well as protection from the sun. Protect Your Eyes As great as the product sounds, you can't use Skin and Face Primers for your eyes, where skin is particularly thin and sensitive. So MAC came up with Prep + Prime Eye to protect your lids. This great product also clears the textures and colors of eyelids, making eyeshadows so much quicker and easier to apply over primed lids. These colors will stay on for a longer time -- MAC guarantees it! Also use Prep + Prime Lash for your lashes, before putting on mascara. Straight out of the tube, this formual is white, but becomes totally clear when dry.

That's just the conditioner working. The formula magnifies the effects of your mascara, making for longer, thicker lashes. And it helps keep your mascara on your lashes, and off your face. Or his shirt. MAC for Nails, too! If you're already a fan of MAC Nail Lacquer, with their wide assortment of the glossiest, richest, to-die-for colors like Steamy, Gee Whiz, Dark Angel and Hi Lily, Hi Lo, you'll be excited to find out that MAC has designed protection for your nails, too! Underlacquer primes your nails with strength and moist durability to allow the Nail Lacquer to adhere better and longer for powerful, long lasting color.

Unlike other base coats, Underlacquer is already high on the gloss, which helps up the shine on your nails by a hundred percent. Overlacquer, on the other hand, even manages to heighten that gloss factor some more, while keeping the nail color protected from your inevitable everyday tasks. It also has an extra shield from ultra-violet rays, keeping your color beautiful and brilliant for longer. You'll change manicures because you want to try out a new color, not because, "Oh look, my nails have faded and chipped so ugly already, must change it before I'm seen in public.

" MAC keeps your life exciting!.

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