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Even inexpensive wine tastes awesome at right temperature

It has been quite a few days since our kitchen design conceptualized from concept to being real. We wanted every appliance that would meet our prerequisite of matching the dcor in our home, we just wanted the best for our kitchen and would not settle for anything less. From the very onset, we needed a wine cooler since we did not have one in the older one.

We enjoy having wine when we are with friends over the weekends, and red wines are our favorite. We have a popular saying that runs in our family that even inexpensive wine tastes good at the right temperature. We as a family had made a decision that we would go with the Electrolux label for the wine cooler as we were pleased with the prior purchases that we had of this brand name. Then shopping was just a piece of cake with the online portal Canada appliances the purchase was just a mouse click away. It has been the new addition in our family and it has been like working just well.

The stainless steel exterior blended with the dcor like it was custom made for our home. We have set a default 50 degrees for our wines to be chill. We both just love it since day one, it is self explanatory with the only three buttons that it has. The functioning could not get any simpler than it is right now. The red wine pre set temperature by just a hit sets it to 54 Fahrenheit temperature. The white wine has a respective button which sets the wine to a 45 degrees temperature.

However the custom button allows you more control to navigate between the two. The nifty light button is such a beneficial feature in built in it, the refrigerator when opened in the dark lights up. This is like a life saver in the dark when you feel the urge of having wine. The reason may be any, be it you just having fun with having friends over, or have a passion for wine, this is the right addition for your home. This is the better deal of size, price and style all in one gadget. This is one asset that you can flaunt and the guests are going to envy.

The inner racks are designed in wood. It is low maintenance and does not require any major cleaning on your part. It has been quite a while since we unveiled the new kitchen to my friends. They all loved the wine and were really impressed with the design. My friend Rachel had plans of buying herself her own she just loved its chic design. Even you can make this wine cooler your very own.

Before you buy any appliances online, always visit and read Todd Martin's website for kitchen appliances, and wine coolers

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