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Enhancing your Backyard Curb Appeal

Increasing your home value can be done by increasing your property curb appeal. This includes the front curb appeal and also the appeal of your back yard. Make your back yard inviting as well. It is a delicate balance that doesn't overwhelm the home buyers but allows them a chance to imagine themselves as the new homeowners enjoying their backyard.

There are different ways to design an inviting back yard. Invest in garden décor. Well placed sculptures, birdbaths and artifacts as garden décor can have such a large impact on your yard. Make sure the garden décor you use complements your plants. Choose artwork that is not too pretentious as to stand out and draw negative attention to your backyard. Well chosen garden décor complements your overall garden design.

Use the basic architectural design of your home when choosing your garden décor; for example, modern architectural homes designs with modern garden décor. Don't over do it, give the home buyer a chance to envision what they could do with the back yard to make it theirs. The correct placing of your garden décor can be a challenge. Use your eye to guide your decision. A well placed garden dish can catch rainfall and at the same time reflect light.

The piece of garden décor supplies water to visiting monarch butterflies such as small water pools, which can be placed near a bush that attracts butterflies. Invest in outdoor patio furniture. Discard old and haggard outdoor patio furniture which can be an eyesore.

It is worth the investment to purchase new furniture. Choose outdoor patio furniture that matches you garden type; either formal or casual. The furniture should blend with and relate to the garden and home architectural style. The outdoor patio furniture should be inviting, look and feel comfortable. This allows the home buyer to feel at home. If the garden includes a swimming pool, have a well placed outdoor patio furniture set around the pool.

If purchasing new outdoor patio furniture is out of your budget, you can always give your furniture a new lease on life. This can be done by painting or staining your old outdoor patio furniture. Simplify your Garden. Home buyers can sometimes be overwhelmed by a property with an extensive garden. It is hard to find a home buyer that will match your exact garden style and design. If you do find such a home buyer consider yourself lucky.

It will be worth the time investment to simplify your garden. Remove and pot the plants that you will take with you. Use mulch over the bare spots.

Allow the home buyers to discover their own garden vision beyond your garden. If you have a high maintenance garden find ways to decreasing the amount of work required. Remove some flowers and replace them with attractive evergreens, but do so carefully without undermining the integrity of your garden. Curb appeal is important in drawing home buyers initially to your property; keep the buyers interested by having backyard appeal too.

Make the home buyer feel at home in your backyard.

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