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Define Your Bedroom Decorating Style

In today's world more and more people are looking to decorate their bedroom and make it a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of every day life but many people do not know how to define their own bedroom decorating style. Hopefully the ideas shown below will provide some inspiration when considering a way in which to achieve this result. 1.

Use a particular theme. For something just little bit different why not replicate a favourite holiday or vacation you have taken and enjoyed. Say you happened to visit Hawaii then start with a bamboo headboard and look at using a island colour scheme, full of bold prints and colours. By the use of plants you will be able to recreate the lush outdoors that you saw whilst on your holiday.

However it is important that you stick to natural fabrics (cotton etc.,) and by adding a quality potpourri in bowls around the room will remind you of the smells of that tropical paradise. To add that final touch then use naturally woven wooden blinds.

2. Bedding. There are a large array of amazing colours and prints that are now available for bedding and a good decorating trick is to use the bedding to dictate the colour scheme of your room. Also wherever possible go for the plusher comforters and duvets and sheets with the highest thread count to add that extra hint of luxury to your design. Remember you want your bedroom to be inviting and desirable.

3. If you want to achieve a more contemporary design to your bedroom then try using neutral colours with nice accent colours instead. Remember it should look crisp and clean (avoid floral's as they will not sit right).

Always have as little clutter or items on show as possible to make the look right. 4. When trying to create that romantic look go for soft lighting and think plush, ensure that you have lots of pillows and fabrics that are soft and pleasurable to the touch. It may be wise to invest in a good quality sound system with the speakers discreetly placed around the room which will envelope you in mood setting music.

It is important to use colours of a softer nature and which you personally appeal to you. Why not try soft pinks or light greens. The whole idea with this style is to surround yourself in luxury to in order to create the perfect romantic retreat.

Your bedroom decorating style should be an extension of your personality. Think about what you like and decorate your bedroom around that. Decorating can be fun and easy if you just relax and let your creative side come out. Then end result will be a bedroom you can enjoy and be proud of!.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.bedroom-designs-and-decorations.com where you can find more decorating ideas to enhance your bedroom decorating style.

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