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Decorating With Bamboo Room Dividers

Bamboo Room Dividers can add elegance and a touch of the exotic to any decorating theme. You can use them in most any room of your home to add a decorative touch to corners as well as divide a large room into 2 cozy spaces. If you have one large room that serves double duty as a living room and dining room you can use a room divider to section each space off from the other thus creating 2 intimate spaces. And the best part is that if you get tired of the look you can always just fold up the room divider and store it away or use it in another room There are several ways to us a room divider to decorate your room.

Aside from using it in the middle of a large room as mentioned above, you can also use it just flat against the wall to add a bit of drama. If you want to soften up the corners in a room put a folding screen kitty corner to round it out. Don't be afraid to put a decorative plant or some a piece of furniture in front of the divider. If you have other themed accent pieces, try draping them over the divider. There are many different styles of bamboo room dividers and one to suit every type of décor.

You may think that all bamboo dividers look like pieces of hollow bamboo but this is not so! Some feature thin strips of bamboo with an open work design at the top and have a light tropical look. These look good in a tropical type décor or in a sun room or any type of room that has an exotic feel. Because these types of folding screens do not have a heavy look, they can go well with island style bamboo furniture. Other bamboo room dividers have a woven look much like those bamboo shades that are made from tiny sticks of bamboo. These actually can work with many different decors.

Anything from a room decorated with a country feel to a modern type room will look great with these screens. Bamboo room dividers can even go with a traditional décor. Some dividers are made from crushed bamboo and have 3 solid panels. These can be quite plain or have fancy designs and arched tops.

These panels are a bit heavy in looks but go perfect with heavy mahogany furniture in a traditional, antique or plantation style décor.

Lee Dobbins writes for Room Divider Decor where you can learn all about room dividers as well as explore the different types of bamboo room dividers.

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