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Creating A Country Style Bedroom Master Suite

If you like the warm cozy feeling of country décor, then you'll love having your master suite decorated in this easy to live with style. Country style decorating themes are timeless and look great all year long. When decorating a bedroom and bathroom suite, you want to be sure to keep some similar elements in the two rooms to keep the flow between spaces.

You might choose to use the same flooring or wall coverings and similar accessories for a great cohesive look. Window treatments are important to your country style home décor style. There are a variety of window coverings that go with this theme, especially if you match other fabrics or colors in the room, but you want to avoid contemporary style prints.

To see a wonderful look in your bedroom you should try using plain sheer curtains or print or plaid drapes. You can use the same window treatments in the bathroom or go with something similar but a bit different. It's not necessary to have a matching bed, bureaus, and side table but the bedroom should have plenty of overstuffed upholstered furniture. In the bath, you don't need to have matching hamper, scale, and linen rack but the bathroom accessories should hav ea country feel. To really compliment the country design style, try using pieces with pine stain or a painted finish.

Accessories are necessary to pulling your country style bedroom décor theme together. Even if you can't change anything else in the room - you can get a new look by changing the decorative accessories! Concentrate on buying bedding, pillows and vases and picture frames, in patterns and colors complimentary to your country design style. You'll be amazed at how simple and economical it is, and what a huge difference these changes make! You want to be sure to add in a variety of vintage country pieces as well as handmade bowls, baskets or boxes and you ought to even try some interesting tins and other brick a brack to really give a great look to your bedroom. Extra touches such as old fashioned signs in either wood or tin can make your room appear like it was done by a designer. One important aspect of decorating your bedroom suite with a country style is your wall paper or paint. For this decorating style the room colors make a big difference - try having blues and reds and greens in the room.

Try using a paint with wallpaper borders on the walls, or if you want something different go with a matching wallpaper and border set. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you are afraid of too much color, simply paint the walls a neutral shade and let the accents in the room do the decorating. The floor covering can make or break your decor, but if it's too much work to put new floors then work with your floors by covering them with area rugs that have a country design.

If new floors are in your budget, try hardwood floors and use braided rugs to soften them up. Accurate lighting is necessary in most rooms and yoru bedroom suite is no exception. To compliment your country style home décor design, you might want to think about the style of light fixtures together with the type. Most bedrooms can use a chandelier as well as lamps.

While you will be trying to get a country interior design, consider plain overhead lighting with table lamps but stay away from anything which is too fancy with lots of sparkly crystals. In the bathroom you will want to have good vanity lighting and also consider recessed lighting there too. Finally, don't forget about decorating your wall space. You can make even the plainest walls look fabulous by incorporating beautiful paintings and wall art.

Try hanging folk art paintings, stencils or a hand painted mural to your bedroom walls to really bring out the charm of your country Interior Design. Don't be afraid to hang cute vintage prints and even old country tools and such. In the bathroom a collection of old washboards can really add some interest!.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.bedroom-designs-and-decorations.com where you can get more tips on decorating and accessories for the bedroom.

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