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Chainsaw Technology Evolving At A Rapid Pace

I remarked the other day to a buddy of mine that if chainsaws get any lighter, we'll have to attach specially made weights to them to prevent them from floating away. There's no doubt that chainsaws are becoming lighter today and chainsaw users are reaping the benefits with better and easier to handle machines. Technology has encroached significantly in all areas of industry and one has to marvel at the evolvement of chainsaws during the last decade. The latest batch of lightweight models haven't compromised on power and the emphasis on safety is extremely important.

Manufacturers seem to be in some sort of technology race to see who can produce the most nimble chainsaw on the market. I looked at some of the models released during the past few months at a local trade show and I must say, woodcutters have some difficult choices to make. If you have been a brand loyalist in recent years you may have to start "thinking outside the box." I posed the question to several chainsaw dealers that if I was in the market with a mid sized budget, what could I expect for my investment. Of the number of impressive models available.

Stihl's MS230 and MS 230 C-BE models seemed to gain a strong nod of approval from the group. It seems woodcutters have a lot of say in proceedings and manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice. One of the "bug bears" for chainsaw users over the years has been the starting functionality. Easy to start chainsaws are now here to stay and the tip is it is only going to get better.

The addition of a quick chain adjuster to the above mentioned models means that adusting chain tension via tools is a thing of the past. One complaint I hear continually amongst chainsaw users is that the weight of chainsaws can sometimes cut productive cutting time down to a minimum. Tiredness is something that can creep into the scenario and is one of the safety aspects a chainsaw user should take particular note of. I'm amazed at the technology that chainsaw manufacturers are able to include today as machines become less and less cumbersome. To give you an example of how much lighter chainsaws are becoming and how rapidly it's happening I randomly looked at Stihl's lightest chainsaw, the MS 192T. Would you you believe it is a whopping 26% lighter than it's predecessor.

The introduction of lightweight chainsaws across the board means that operators now have more flexibility when it comes to the tougher pruning jobs. Again, the lightweight design of today's chainsaws are playing a major part in cutting down the danger aspect to users. The fact they can be controlled more effectively means there is less chance of any sudden vibration causing the user to lose control. Don't get too complacent though; chainsaws are still a dangerous piece of equipment however, any refinements from a woodcutter's perspective are a bonus.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster with an interest in a wide range of topics. Checkout for news and reviews in the world of chainsaws at http://www.chainsawlife.com

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