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Birth Records How Can You Find and Order Copies of Birth Records Online

Do you need a copy of your birth records? There are many reasons that people order copies of birth certificates. You may need your birth records to obtain a job. You may need them to travel. You may be adopted and wish to research your birth parents. You might be researching your family tree and need the record for some genealogy research. Whatever your reason is, obtaining your birth records is easy, if you live in the US.

One way for you to get a certified copy of your birth certificate is to contact the vital records office in your state. You can usually obtain a copy of your birth certificate that way for around $20. However, the price does vary slightly from state to state.

While that option does save money, it doesn't always save time. Processing by that method can take several weeks. If you need your birth records faster, you can get a copy of your birth certificate on the internet, instead. Your state's office should have its own website, which you can order your birth certificate from.

You might also choose to order one from a third party website. Either way, your birth certificate copy should be mailed to you within two to 10 business days. This makes internet ordering faster, but it is more expensive.

A certified birth record will generally cost you between $25 and $60 if you order it online. So, be prepared for whatever fees you may need to pay upfront. No matter which of the two methods you choose, you will be expected to supply some sort of other identification, in order to get your birth certificate copy. A driver's license, social security card or other similar document will be necessary. It is also possible that you may need to obtain a birth record for a family member, such as your spouse or child, not for yourself.

It is certainly possible to do that. However, if the birth certificate is actually for a family member, you will need to prove your relationship to them in order to obtain the birth certificate. The verification process helps to ensure that private records are kept secure. Which method you choose depends entirely on you.

Are you going for speed or low cost? Do you live near your state offices or would it be more convenient to order online? Either way, once you have your birth certificate copy, keep it in a safe place to avoid having to order one again soon.

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