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Are Your Curtains Boring

Tired of your curtains or drapes? Are you looking for some fast, easy changes to update and add some flair to your window treatments? Here's some ideas to add embellishments to your window treatments, adding more of your personality and flair to your home. Add More Window Treatments The first is to add additional window coverings. For instance, if you have long drapes, like tab topped curtains, add a swag or valence. A swag can be anchored in the upper corners of your window with decorative knobs or posts. It will hang and drape down the sides of your curtains and scoop across the front. For an accent swag, choose fabrics to complement your drapes.

If your drapes are solid, choose a print fabric. If your drapes are a dark print, choose a lighter accent color within the print. Valences go at the top of your curtains, and will hide the top of your curtains.

Valences can also be in an accent fabric, similar to swags. Change the Look of Your Window Treatments The second way to enhance your window treatments is to change the look of your curtains. One easy change is to alter the hem and make a scalloped edge. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to make a template of a scalloped edge.

Tape it to the curtain bottom to be sure the proportion is correct. Then, undo the current seam for the hem. Re-cut the bottom to the scallop, and re-stitch the hem to the scallop edge.

Viola - a new look for your curtains. The second way to add a scalloped edge is to add gathers along the bottom. First, measure the bottom edge. Now, divide that sum by 4, 5, or 6, depending on which goes into your edge more evenly.

For instance, if the hem line is 60", 6 will go into it 10 times. This will give you 10 gathers, 6" apart. Or, for 5" scallops, you will have 11. For 4" scallops, you will have 12. Now, starting at one edge, measure in 4", or 5", or 6", depending on how big you want the scallops. Mark with a pin.

Continue, dividing the bottom into even sections. To stitch the scallops, start at the first mark. Stitch perpendicular to the hem line. You stitches will cover the same length as your scallop - 4, 5, or 6 inches. Once you have stitched that distance, gently pull the thread to gather the fabric. Once it is evenly gathered, knot the thread and repeat with all your marks.

Add Embellishments The final change you can make to your window treatments is to add embellishments. Let's start with ribbon. Here's a really easy change to make - add ribbon accents. You can add a wide border of ribbon to the hem, or if you have tab top curtains, add the ribbon to the tabs. You can even add ribbon tie-backs to the window frame or walls.

For a more detailed change, add beadwork accents. You can add a beaded ribbon fringe to the bottom, sew beads randomly on the fabric, or add beads to the tab top curtains. If you have a valence, consider adding beads to the top or bottom of the valence.

And finally - add some buttons. You can sew button on the bottom edge or randomly on the fabric. If you have tabbed tops, sew a button at the bottom of the tabs on the top of the curtain. There are many ways to enhance your window treatments. Be creative - and change those boring curtains!.

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